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About SMBA

SMBA is a management training academy dedicated exclusively to established small and medium-sized businesses. SMBA provides proven, practical, functional strategies to support the growth and competitiveness of participating businesses.

The SMBA Growth Journey

Areas of strategic support for small and medium-sized companies looking to grow and expand include: Strategic Planning, Business Coaching, Board of Advisors, Leadership Counselling, Outsourcing, Exit Planning and M&A, Adventure Leadership Travels

SMBA Training & Advisory

A selection of our team’s core capabilities and areas of expertise: Business Plan preparation, Financial Management, Business Coaching, Strategic Planning, Business Model Workshop sessions, Leadership and Management, Communication & Presentation skills, Consultative Sales

Refer and Win

Refer us to your regional organization. 

Please consider referring us to the chamber of commerce, board of trade, or economic development agency in your geographic area. Companies that refer us to their local offices can receive special discounts.

Just reach out and contact us with your references and business contact information.

Refer us to your friends.

Do you have a business network and existing contacts with Canadian small and medium-sized businesses? Are you looking to support their growth? Refer us to your entrepreneur friends who might need professional assistance in managing or scaling their business.

To learn more, contact us.

Key Challenges We Address

I would like to think about different ways of growing and expanding my business.
How can I analyze and evaluate different ways of growing my business?
I want to grow my business but I don’t have a clear direction or action plan.
How can I create a sense of direction and how can I build a well-defined action plan and path forward that will keep me and my business on track?
The financial performance of my business is not allowing me to grow as I’d like to.
How can I best manage and improve my company’s cash flow and profitability?
My bookkeeping and financial reporting is disorganized and represents a major weakness in the business.
Where can I find immediate help to address the shortcomings around my financial statements, reporting and analysis?
I’m struggling to obtain additional funding and financial support.
How can I speak the language of investors, build solid working relationships with them over time, and access capital for my business?
I have never prepared a detailed, structured business plan that outlines all key elements of my business (either for financing or other purposes).
How do I prepare a comprehensive and professional business plan?
I am getting pulled in multiple directions within my business, seemingly all the time. It feels like the business is managing me, rather than me managing the business.
How can I create practical ways to manage my time and resources, and efficiently run the business?
I feel my business has become somewhat stagnant and the road ahead is unclear.
How can I take steps to identify priority areas, capitalize on market opportunities and regain some much-needed momentum in the business?
I don’t have the right team in place to help me grow the business.
How can I attract the right people and capabilities to my business?
It’s hard to find and retain the right people.
What can I do to motivate and keep my employees engaged?
I find it extremely challenging to acquire new customers, it’s so competitive out there.
What steps can I take to attract and acquire new clients?
I don’t understand this online world. Everybody is trying to offer me a different solution for online marketing.
What key services do I need and how should I manage my online marketing programs?
Nobody works as efficiently as I do, so I keep handling everything.
How can I learn to delegate tasks and responsibilities and focus instead on managing people?
I just don’t have the time to manage my business properly.
What are some productivity tools and approaches for managing my business more effectively?


Latest News, Facts, Insights

Our blog is a space to share some facts about small and medium-sized Canadian businesses, their common challenges, our insights and experience to help them develop winning growth strategies, and some business thoughts that we find compelling.


Our vision is to create a national movement of lifelong learning for Canadian small and medium-sized businesses and we will achieve this together with visionary local partners. Through the support and guidance of our partnerships, we help businesses overcome an array of national and regional challenges. If you would like to become a partner, contact us.

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