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About SMBA

SMBA is a management training academy dedicated exclusively to established small and medium-sized businesses. SMBA provides proven, practical, functional strategies to support growth and competitiveness of participating businesses.

The SMBA Growth Journey

The Core Academy – MBAt Program, Strategic Planning, Business Coaching, Board of Advisors, Leadership Counselling, Outsourcing, Exit Planning, Temporary Executives, Adventure Leadership Travels

SMBA Training Programs

Leadership and Management skills, The Coach Manager, Performance Management and Giving Feedback, Team Dynamics, Communication Skills, Consultative Sales, Presentation Skills, Hiring and Interviewing Skills, Stress Management, and more.

Core Leadership Program: MBAt


Our Signature Program


Plus Applicable Taxes

10% discounts available when organized by Chambers or Boards of Trade.

8 Face-to-Face Management Training Modules for Business Owners

Year-long Online Peer-to-Peer Learning

1 FREE 3 Hour Business Current Situation Analysis and Coaching Session

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Refer and Win

Refer us to your regional organization. 

You can refer us to your chamber of commerce, board of trade or economic development agency, if we are not yet in your area. Companies that refer us to their local offices will get special discounts, plus they will enter an annual draw for one free participant to the program.

All you have to do is to contact us with your references and contact information.

Refer us to your friends.

Are you a person well connected with Canadian small, medium businesses and want to support their growth? If you refer a qualified entrepreneur to a program with SMBA and that person signs for the program, we have competitive referral programs.

To learn more, contact us.

Would you like to win a FREE seat for MBAt program?

Key Challenges We Address

I would like to think about different ways of growing my business.
How can I evaluate different ways of growing my business?
I want to grow my business but I don’t have a clear direction and action plan.
How can I create a sense of direction and how can I build a clear action plan that will keep me on track?
I am getting pulled all over at my business. It’s like the business is managing me, rather than me managing the business.
How can I create a practical and not too time consuming way to manage my business?
I don’t have the right team to help me grow the business.
How can I find and attract the right people to my business?
It’s hard to find and keep the right people.
How can I motivate and keep my employees engaged?
It’s so hard to acquire new customers, it’s so competitive out there!
How can I attract and acquire new clients?
I don’t understand this online world. Everybody is trying to sell me a different solution for online marketing.
What key services do I need and how should I manage my online marketing vendors?
Nobody works as efficiently as I do, so I keep doing everything.
How can you learn to delegate and start managing people?
I hired this great person – at first – but it turned out to be a disaster.
How can you improve your hiring skills, filter, screen, and put the right person in the right role?
I don’t have the time to manage my business properly.
What are some productivity tools and approaches for managing more effectively?
My financial situation does not allow me to grow my business.
How can you best manage and improve your cash flow and profits?
I’m struggling to obtain additional funding and financial support.
How do you speak the investors’ language and how do you build relationships with them over time?


Latest News, Facts, Insights

Our blog is a space to share some facts about small medium-sized Canadian businesses, their common challenges, our insight and experience to help them develop winning strategies to grow or just some random thoughts that we find interesting.


Our vision is to create a national movement of lifelong learning for Canadian small medium businesses and we will achieve this together with visionary local partners. Through the support and guidance of our partnerships, we help businesses overcome an array of national and regional challenges. If you would like to become a partner, contact us.

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