About SMBA

Small Medium Business Academy (SMBA) is a management training academy dedicated exclusively to established small and medium-sized businesses. SMBA provides proven, practical, functional strategies to support the growth and competitiveness of participating businesses.

SMBA offers an opportunity for experienced Canadian entrepreneurs to grow as leaders, grow their people, and grow their business. Our team helps leaders improve their management and leadership skills and empowers their employees through learning. Simply put, SMBA offers a path to growth through knowledge transfer and learning — learning how to become better leaders and managers.

Our vision is to create a national movement of lifelong learning for Canadian small and mid-sized businesses (SME’s). We aim to partner with regional economic development agencies across Canada to cultivate this movement of learning, development and growth. Through the support and guidance of our partnerships, we help businesses tackle and overcome an array of challenges in their business operations.

We work to address key pain points related to management, strategy, finance, sales, marketing, human resources, and operations through advisory assistance, training programs and coaching sessions. At SMBA we are an experienced team of business advisors, strategic planners, financial management experts, business coaches, and marketing and sales consultants who possess a deep understanding of the unique goals and obstacles facing small and medium-sized businesses.

Outsourcing and Network Partners: We offer hand-picked network partners in the areas of financial management, business and strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, human resources and recruiting, social media management and online marketing, exit planning, and leadership counselling. We ensure the quality of, and integrate all our work with, your company’s growth plan.

SMBA typically focuses efforts on businesses that have been operational for 5 to 15 years. We also execute business plan preparation for start-up and early stage enterprises. Our programs are not intended for large companies’ management teams.

Key Challenges We Address

SMBA’s MBAt and Business Coaching programs help you get the key (practical, functional, proven) insights to better manage your business. Some of the challenges and questions we address during the program are:

Challenge 1

I would like to think about different ways of growing and expanding my business.
How can I analyze and evaluate different ways of growing my business?

Challenge 2

I want to grow my business but I don’t have a clear direction or action plan.
How can I create a sense of direction and how can I build a well-defined action plan and path forward that will keep me and my business on track?

Challenge 3

The financial performance of my business is not allowing me to grow as I’d like to.
How can I best manage and improve my company’s cash flow and profitability?

Challenge 4

My bookkeeping and financial reporting is disorganized and represents a major weakness in the business.
Where can I find immediate help to address the shortcomings around my financial statements, reporting and analysis?

Challenge 5

I’m struggling to obtain additional funding and financial support.
How can I speak the language of investors, build solid working relationships with them over time, and access capital for my business?

Challenge 6

I have never prepared a detailed, structured business plan that outlines all key elements of my business (either for financing or other purposes).
How do I prepare a comprehensive and professional business plan?

Challenge 7

I am getting pulled in multiple directions within my business, seemingly all the time. It feels like the business is managing me, rather than me managing the business.
How can I create practical ways to manage my time and resources, and efficiently run the business?

Challenge 8

I feel my business has become somewhat stagnant and the road ahead is unclear.
How can I take steps to identify priority areas, capitalize on market opportunities and regain some much-needed momentum in the business?

Challenge 9

I don’t have the right team in place to help me grow the business.
How can I attract the right people and capabilities to my business?

Challenge 10

It’s hard to find and retain the right people.
What can I do to motivate and keep my employees engaged?

Challenge 11

I find it extremely challenging to acquire new customers, it’s so competitive out there.
What steps can I take to attract and acquire new clients?

Challenge 12

I don’t understand this online world. Everybody is trying to offer me a different solution for online marketing.
What key services do I need and how should I manage my online marketing programs?

Challenge 13

Nobody works as efficiently as I do, so I keep handling everything.
How can I learn to delegate tasks and responsibilities and focus instead on managing people?

Challenge 14

I just don’t have the time to manage my business properly.
What are some productivity tools and approaches for managing my business more effectively?