What does SMBA offer?

SMBA offers an opportunity for experienced Canadian entrepreneurs to grow as leaders, grow their people, and grow their business. Our team of professionals helps leaders improve their management and leadership skills and empowers their employees through learning. Simply put, SMBA offers a path to growth through knowledge transfer and learning — learning how to become better leaders and managers.

Outsourcing and Network Partners: We offer hand-picked network partners in numerous areas including financial management, business and strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, human resources and recruiting, social media management and online marketing, exit planning, and leadership counselling. We assure the quality of, and integrate all our work with, your company’s growth plan.


The SMBA Growth Journey

Strategic Planning: Build a strategic growth plan for your company with one of our expert consultants, creating a roadmap that allows you to strategize with your key stakeholders and team and develop internal alignment.

Business Coaching: Work with one of our expert coaches to implement your growth plan, ensure consistent progress is being made, and continue your learning journey.

Board of Advisors: Join our board of advisors (BOA Club) and continue learning from and supporting other entrepreneurs through our peer-to-peer leadership circles and events.

Leadership Counselling: All organizational leaders experience highs and lows. Our partner counsellors can work with you to build emotional strength and resilience during challenging times.

Outsourcing: Build a lean team and outsource business functions to our quality partners in areas such as financial management, HR, and social media marketing.

Exit Planning: Strategize your own exit plan and maximize your enterprise value with our expert M&A advisors and network partners.

Adventure Leadership Travels: Join our global travel adventures and become a part of the adventurer leadership community.

SMBA Training & Advisory

We build learning roadmaps for organizations and guide your team through a personal and organizational growth journey. We offer a blended approach combining training, coaching and advisory support that is designed to maximize impact and deliver lasting business value to your company.

Our clients frequently ask for our support and assistance in the areas of:

  • Business Plan preparation
  • Financial Management practices
  • Business Coaching
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Model analysis & workshop sessions
  • Financial Plans & Valuation
  • Leadership & Management skills
  • Communication & Presentation skills
  • Consultative Sales
  • Mindfulness at Work
  • Stress & Self-Management

Would you like to learn more?

Get in touch with us for more details or to arrange a meeting.  Initial business consultations are provided free of charge.